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We have the best in useful conversion kits, software packages and Linux distributions (versions) that are very economical. The items we have for sale will free you from the usual restrictive software that many people use out of habit. We offer many alternatives to the packages made for machines running Microsoft Windows as well as providing software for other operating systems, such as MacOSs and many Linux versions.

Here are some samples of what we provide…

  • Ultimate Windows CDubcd_box_cd-300x237 small

    This Opensourceshop Ultimate Windows Compatible Boot & Setup Pack can help you to set your computer up, so you can then install Windows or any other operating system. It is complete with full instructions included within the CD – it makes it so easy to run!   What are the minimum System Requirements? Intel-compatible CPU […]

  • Photo & Image Editing SuiteProfessional Image Editing Suite Software Box

    Ultimate Image Editing Software Suite Contains 5 Different and complete Image Editing Software Packages Overview Our Image Editing Software Suite contains all you will need for editign or creating images on your PC, Mac or Linux based computer. It comes with 5 industry leading packages so you will never be short on tools to edit […]

  • Debian Linuxdebian_box_cd_c small

    Debian is a very, very secure and stable community developed, Linux-based operating system that is perfect for predominantly server use. It contains all the applications you need – a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more. This item comes complete with start up instructions included – it makes it so […]

  • Recovery Kitrecovery_bundle_gallery_small

    2 CDs rather than 1 – THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED   Advanced Computer Repair Kit SimplyMEPIS Live Linux CD     For full information on each of the above items, click the images  to view a detailed summary. If your machine is down, use the Simply MEPIS CD to continue to […]

  • PC 2 Hi-Fi Connection Kitpc2hifi_box_cd small

    This Opensourceshop Computer 2 Hi-Fi Kit contains everything you’ll ever need hear your computer music on any stereo. It has complete with full instructions included – it makes it so easy to run!       You can do the following… Listen to Online Radio on your stereo Listen to your MP3s Hear the amazing sounds […]

  • Antivirus Kit Cdsecurity_antivirus_kit_box_cd small

    This pack will includes 3 of the best Security & Antiviral discs in the world! For this low price, you get the following: REPAIR Advanced PC Repair Kit Our Best-selling Repair Kit, suitable for all ComputersCan be used to resolve start up isses and contains a massive live of installable Windows applications too!   ANTIVIRUS […]