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New Product: Hard Drive Secure Eraser/Wiper


Hard Disk Eraser ImageWe’ve launched the latest in a planned string of new software utilities; The Hard Drive Secure Eraser/Wiper Kit. There isn’t much to say about this other than it will securely wipe any hard drive connected to your computer. All you need to do is boot from the CD or USB (depending on which version you choose to buy) and it’ll clear everything off your machine to government standards!

It’s useful to completely wipe viruses and spyware, to start afresh with a new Windows installation – you’ll obviously need the Windows installation discs to do this. It is also very useful for PCs that are due to be recycled as with this, you can be certain that there is no way for any data from the previous owner being available in any way at all.

Now you’ve heard the hype, go and buy it, or take a look at our other items. This is also available in our eBay shop if you prefer that.