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Puppy Liinux 5.4 Released… Woof!

For fans of Puppy Linux, the latest release from the Puppy Kennel had been unleashed (please forgive the puns but there are so many for this distro).

With all the usual features you’ve come to expect from any Puppy release, it’s small, fast and a snap to use, as usual, with a great host of easy to use applications for newbies and experts alike. From the Puppy release page there have been a range of improvements to the system as well as other things such as software like Abiword and Gnumeric to open those documents and spreadsheets to keep you working.
Lots of  types of multimedia are supported so you can play hard.
Slacko is aimed at reasonably modern machines up to six or seven years old. It may run on even older hardware. It also contains updates for new hardware such as  analogue and 3G modems.

This is definitely worth a look and we’ll gladly supply it, if you go to our shop and buy it! As usual, it’s also available from our eBay shop.