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After Several False Starts, Penalty Points and Delays… We’re off!

Penalty Point and Delays

Referee blowing whistleSo we have been selling our wares both on eBay and here on our website for a number of years now and in the last year we have seriously reduced the number of items we had up for sale on eBay. The reason being mainly due to some personal stuff that meant that I wasn’t able to really focus on selling and also because of the regular rule and policy changes that eBay tend to go through. This can make it difficult to manage any eBay shop at the best of times but if you’re also otherwise distracted, it can be an arduous task to keep up with the ever-changing requirements that eBay puts on it’s sellers.

Moving on… A new start

Anyhoo, our eBay shop in now back to a stronger selling position in that we are again selling the majority of the items we design and manufacture ourselves. From today, you should be able to view our Linux USBs and discs that have always been a favourite for many of our buyers as well as our normal conversion kits and the very latest in our useful software utilities. It’s really taken some serious patience to stick in there with the eBay shop but we now that our customers like the ability to buy from us via eBay rather than directly as it can sometimes act as a safety net on the behalf of any buyer who is unfamiliar with the seller … in many cases, selling on eBay can seem to be a disadvantage for us in terms of some of their policies but we’re hanging in there for all of you.. and we know you appreciate it! 😉

Hedging our bets

Always bet on yourself

In an effort to limit any other problems that may stop us from getting our products just where you need them, remember that we always have our website for  buying our products right here and we recently launched a new website (App Oasis) that deals specifically with the software suites we’ve made, for a variety of different purposes. The App Oasis site contains many of the items we already sell here and on eBay but it’s a new-fangled (all singing and dancing) website and so it really easy to buy from.

What and where next?

Where next?

Well, if you can take a look at what we offer, either on our website, our eBay store or on our new App Oasis website, we’re sure there will be something that you’ll be glad to find up there and if not, please let us know. We want to know what you want from us so we can deliver the products that you need.

As always, you can contact us any time for help and advice or just to say hello.

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Thanks and take care until next time.


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