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Why I’m Trying to Use Ubuntu Linux More Daily

Rather than prattle on about how Linux is a more powerful, reliable, stable and thoughtful operating system, as you would expect on a blog for a website that sells Linux distributions (along with other great software), I thought I’d explain why I’m trying to make more time to move over to using Linux and the software that comes along with it.

The price of software

bag of cash

Firstly, for me, this is number one. Yes, I may sound like a little bit of a cheapskate but there are good reasons behind this. The idea of moving over to anything when there is an additional cost makes the move even harder to fathom, never mind actually doing it! With Linux, the costs are lower than low. When you buy a CD or a USB drive from us, after that, you’re basically living freely (in computing terms) for time immortal. You can get a lot of the software you are already used to and if you can’t get the exact one you are used to, there are  alternatives (more times than not) that will fit the mould. An example of this would be users of Microsoft Office, who can easily and quite satisfactorily use Apache Open Office and then never look back. The fact that all software is free is a BIG plus.

Learning new stuff

learn to graduate

The way I’m using Linux fits in with my gradual way of learning something new without having to dive all the way in; at the moment, I’m tipping my toe in and seeing what I like and what I don’t. I’ve moved on past using the desktop environment and am now quite comfortable using Linux CLI (Commmand Line Interface). At the moment, I don’t really have much use for this other than viewing the contents of a folder and moving stuff around and issuing the odd command to shut the computer down, etc… but I’m still learning. I have what I would describe more than the normal PC user’s experience of using Linux and I’m just trying to increase that knowledge organically and I’m enjoying it.

Life saving ability

Resuscitate your computer

Ok, so this is a dramatic sub-heading but what I mean here is that on more than a few occasions, I’ve installed Linux on a home computer where the Windows install had given up. Doing this was a (computer) life-saver as it solved my immediate problems of being not being able to access Windows. With a live Linux CD, I was able to access the files on the hard drive of the computer, allowing me to access the Internet and open, view and edit my files so that life didn’t stop while Windows had. Furthermore, with free virtualisation software, I was able to actually run a windows machine within the Linux machine so I really didn’t need to switch back to using Windows on it’s own. This is the number one reason that many of my customers buy our Linux CDs and USBs and it is a really great feature.


Portable Phone

Rather than installing Linux as a secondary operating system on my Windows machine and then having to reboot to get into Linux, using a USB pen drive with the inbuilt virtualisation option (that we now provide by default with all USBs that this is possible on) means that I can start a virtual version of Linux whilst within Windows, like any other Windows program, which is really handy. Also, whenever I go somewhere, I don’t feel the need to bring my own laptop around with me as I can just use my Linux USB pendrive that has a persistent version of Linux installed on it. For those of you that don’t know, persistence is a feature that allows your settings to be saved on the USB drive, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time you start your version of Linux. It’s like carrying a personal Linux computer around with you and all you need to do is plug it in and boot from it on whatever computer you want to use.

The future…

I plan to keep using Linux wherever I can and will take my time to use it more and more. For me, I see that the CLI is where I want to get comfortable… eventually. Just last week I managed to log in remotely to my FreeNAS box that houses my media files, just to have a poke around, so hopefully, there will be more of this on the way as I learn more and more.

This may answer some of the questions about why someone would want to use Linux but that wasn’t entirely what this was about; it was just so you knew how I used it.

Until next time. Take care


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After Several False Starts, Penalty Points and Delays… We’re off!

Penalty Point and Delays

Referee blowing whistleSo we have been selling our wares both on eBay and here on our website for a number of years now and in the last year we have seriously reduced the number of items we had up for sale on eBay. The reason being mainly due to some personal stuff that meant that I wasn’t able to really focus on selling and also because of the regular rule and policy changes that eBay tend to go through. This can make it difficult to manage any eBay shop at the best of times but if you’re also otherwise distracted, it can be an arduous task to keep up with the ever-changing requirements that eBay puts on it’s sellers.

Moving on… A new start

Anyhoo, our eBay shop in now back to a stronger selling position in that we are again selling the majority of the items we design and manufacture ourselves. From today, you should be able to view our Linux USBs and discs that have always been a favourite for many of our buyers as well as our normal conversion kits and the very latest in our useful software utilities. It’s really taken some serious patience to stick in there with the eBay shop but we now that our customers like the ability to buy from us via eBay rather than directly as it can sometimes act as a safety net on the behalf of any buyer who is unfamiliar with the seller … in many cases, selling on eBay can seem to be a disadvantage for us in terms of some of their policies but we’re hanging in there for all of you.. and we know you appreciate it! 😉

Hedging our bets

Always bet on yourself

In an effort to limit any other problems that may stop us from getting our products just where you need them, remember that we always have our website for  buying our products right here and we recently launched a new website (App Oasis) that deals specifically with the software suites we’ve made, for a variety of different purposes. The App Oasis site contains many of the items we already sell here and on eBay but it’s a new-fangled (all singing and dancing) website and so it really easy to buy from.

What and where next?

Where next?

Well, if you can take a look at what we offer, either on our website, our eBay store or on our new App Oasis website, we’re sure there will be something that you’ll be glad to find up there and if not, please let us know. We want to know what you want from us so we can deliver the products that you need.

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We’ve launched a new website…. App Oasis

Hello there!

After many many months of hard work on our new, all singing, all dancing and all-software-encompassing website, we are finally ready to launch it.

Our new App Oasis website provides many of the useful software items that you know and a great number of extra ones that you don’t, so please take a look now by visiting

App Oasis Logo

As a special treat to our subscribers, and to say thank you for reading this, we are giving you all a MASSIVE 50% off your first order with us, if you enter the code below at checkout:


Please be quick as this will only be available for a short period. As usual, if you have any comments for our new site, or just want to get in touch, please contact us.

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Puppy Liinux 5.4 Released… Woof!

For fans of Puppy Linux, the latest release from the Puppy Kennel had been unleashed (please forgive the puns but there are so many for this distro).

With all the usual features you’ve come to expect from any Puppy release, it’s small, fast and a snap to use, as usual, with a great host of easy to use applications for newbies and experts alike. From the Puppy release page there have been a range of improvements to the system as well as other things such as software like Abiword and Gnumeric to open those documents and spreadsheets to keep you working.
Lots of  types of multimedia are supported so you can play hard.
Slacko is aimed at reasonably modern machines up to six or seven years old. It may run on even older hardware. It also contains updates for new hardware such as  analogue and 3G modems.

This is definitely worth a look and we’ll gladly supply it, if you go to our shop and buy it! As usual, it’s also available from our eBay shop.



New Product: Hard Drive Secure Eraser/Wiper


Hard Disk Eraser ImageWe’ve launched the latest in a planned string of new software utilities; The Hard Drive Secure Eraser/Wiper Kit. There isn’t much to say about this other than it will securely wipe any hard drive connected to your computer. All you need to do is boot from the CD or USB (depending on which version you choose to buy) and it’ll clear everything off your machine to government standards!

It’s useful to completely wipe viruses and spyware, to start afresh with a new Windows installation – you’ll obviously need the Windows installation discs to do this. It is also very useful for PCs that are due to be recycled as with this, you can be certain that there is no way for any data from the previous owner being available in any way at all.

Now you’ve heard the hype, go and buy it, or take a look at our other items. This is also available in our eBay shop if you prefer that.



The Open Source Shop is Officially Open!

We’ve been hard working in the background on our new, all-singing, all-dancing, fully-featured and shiny website. Our old site had definitely had it’s day and was missing some vital features so we decided, long ago, that this needed to be changed and bright up to date.
The new site features a new, fully re-designed online shop, giving you full access to all of our current items and even has a page for you to buy any version of Linux you want. It now has a blog where you can read this and all of our other posts, there’s a mailing list that you can sign up for to make sure you can stay in the loop and up to date with all of our offers and goings on and the whole site has been revamped to give a much better experience when you visit.
I’m quite happy with the site and hope that you will be too but whatever your thoughts, feel free to contact us to let us know and we’ll take your comments on board. Make sure to drop your comments below.

Kind regards


Why to choose a Linux USB drive?

Back in the days of old when Linux was a relatively new idea, it wasn’t uncommon to be able to install and run your distribution from a floppy disk. A few years ago, the norm was a CD and of course, the next natural step was only ever going to be the DVD. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of those formats (well, apart from the floppy disk, in my opinion) and they all do their job well enough but from the experiences I’ve had over the years and the convenience involved with using a USB flash drive, to me, there’s no comparison or competition… I would always choose the USB drive.

With a bootable USB drive, there’s are just some many benefits; fast boot times, improved speed and performance over using normal discs, convenience that comes with the portability, the great addition of saving any settings and changes you make via the persistence feature, the fact you can boot up almost anywhere and on anyone’s computer, the sturdiness of a USB flash drive over that if a CD or DVD that can easily be scratched by the most careful of hands, as well as the fact that there is usually some additional space free to store documents, downloads, etc. plus, if you ever get sick of using Linux from your USB, you can repurpose it and just wipe it so it can be used as normal portable storage.

Now, with so many benefits, why not take a look at the versions we offer in our online shop? Remember, all mailing list subscribers get 10% off their order.