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PC 2 Hi-Fi Connection Kit

Computer 2 Hi-Fi KitThis Opensourceshop Computer 2 Hi-Fi Kit contains everything you’ll ever need hear your computer music on any stereo.

It has complete with full instructions included – it makes it so easy to run!




You can do the following…

  • Listen to Online Radio on your stereo
  • Listen to your MP3s
  • Hear the amazing sounds your computer makes, come to life!
  • Use your Computer as a Jukebox, so all your music can be played via your stereo, for hours.
  • Connect your iPod or iPhone to your stereo, without expensive connectors


How is The Opensourceshop Computer 2 Hi-Fi Kit used?

Here are the steps:

1. Insert eh neceassary cable to your computer headphone or Line out socket

2. Connect this cable to the necessary adaptor to connect to your stereo

3. Play the music you like on your PC and you will hear it through your stereo


… and so are we…

We use the highest standard of equipment to produce this kit, so you will never receive shoddy stuff that lasts 1 week and fails

The Kit is supplied using the best possible method, so it reaches you in pristine condition and stays that way too!

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