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PC 2 TV Connection kit

Computer 2 TV CONNECTION KITThis Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Connection Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for connecting your computer or Laptop, to your Television (if your computer has an s-video port).

It comes complete with full instructions included within the CD and free access to updated instructions via our website – it makes it so easy to run!

You can do the following with our comprehensive Kit…

  • Main Uses…
  • Connect your Computer or Laptop to your Television to watch videos, either online or that you have downloaded
  • Listen to music stored on your computer or online, through your Television
  • Use your Television as your Computer or Laptop Screen

  • Additional Uses…
  • Install the included software to use your computer as a Media Centre, so you can view all your photos and Videos via your TV screen, using the intuitive menus in the package
  • View photo slideshows on your TV – bring your photos to life


Main Menu

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Note: Your computer or Laptop will need to have an S-Video port and headphone or line-out socket, to use this Kit.

An s-video port looks like this…

If you don’t have an s-video port, don’t worry, we have another kit that works with VGA ports like this…


The other kit also work with Video Out ports which look like this…



Our Opensourceshop Computer 2 TV Multimedia Connection Kit contains a GREAT list of programs and keeps growing…. if there’s something you’d like us to add to this kit, we’re more than happy to consider it.

We go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Buy now!

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