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Video 2 DVD

Vinyl 2 MP3 Audio Conversion Kit

This Opensourceshop Video 2 DVD Video Conversion Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for converting your old Videos to new DVDs and Videos.

Convert your Wedding, Stag Night, Hen Night, Christening and other special occasion videos to new DVD or PC formats.


You can do the following with our comprehensive Kit…

  • Main Uses…
  • Convert Old or Video/Betamax Cassettes, etc, to DVD files
  • Edit all files, using the provided software, so you can customise the length and quality of each file
  • Backup your whole video collection in a lossless format that will not deteriorate over the years
  • Record your newly created files to DVD (or CD) so you can watch them happily in your DVD player
  • Record your newly created files, so you can watch them happily in any other PC or media player
There are two versions on this kit:
1.) One compatible with non 64-Bit versions
2.) One compatible with all versions of Windows including the 64-Bit versions

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Video 2 dvd

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Video 2 DVD Kit Cables

Video 2 DVD Kit Cables

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