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  • Advanced Computer Repairadv_repair_kit_box_cd small

    This Opensourceshop Advanced Computer Repair Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for your PC problems. It has it’s own interface, when running as a boot (start-up)USB flash drive.     This can help with… Starting (Booting) ANY computer, even without floppy drives Setting up a new computer Resolving startup problems after a crash or virus […]

  • Anonymous Browsinganon_box_usb small

    When you send an email or visit a website, your computer talks to the internet. If you don’t have our Anonymiser, this conversation can be overheard by other computers. With our Anonymiser, your computer talks directly to an anonymous network in an unbreakable secret code. It then speaks to the internet on your behalf, so […]

  • Artistic Image Editing SuiteArtistic Image Creator Software Kit

    Artistic Image Editing Software Suite Contains some of the best and complete image creation and editing sorftwre programs available Overview Our Image Creation and Editing Software Kit will empower you to be able to update existing images or use your imagination to create images from scratch. The software in this kit ranges from entry level […]

  • Basic Boot CDbbcd_box_cd-300x226 small

    Our Opensourceshop Basic Boot CD contains just what you need from a boot CD.             This Opensourceshop Basic Boot CD will do the following: Totally WIPE your hard drive (format drives) Set up different drives (C: / D: / E: etc) (partition drives) Set the Master Boot Record if your […]

  • CAD 2D & 3D Software KitAdvanced 2D & 3D Computer Aided Design Software Kit

    The Opensourceshop Ultimate CAD Software Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for your Computer Aided Design projects. It has a great installation interface and contains 5 useful packages so you can choose the one you like the best.   Overview Our CAD package contains a host of powerful cross-platform Computer Aided Design software packages that […]

  • Hard Drive Eraser/Wiper KitHard Disk Eraser Image

    Ultimate Hard Drive Eraser Kit An automatic hard disk wiper/eraser kit to quickly clean all data on your computer Overview Our Hard Disk Wiper is a self-contained cd that will boot up and automatically wipe all data stored on any hard drive it can detect. This kit uses techniques to wipe data that prevents all […]

  • Office Deluxe Software Suiteoffice_deluxe_box_cd small

    This Opensourceshop Office Deluxe Software Suite contains everything you’ll ever need for document creation. It has it’s own interface, when you insert the CD, so that installation is a breeze.         You can create and open the following… Word Processed documents Excel spreadsheets Access databases Presentation files PDFs – high quality professional […]

  • Photo & Image Editing SuiteProfessional Image Editing Suite Software Box

    Ultimate Image Editing Software Suite Contains 5 Different and complete Image Editing Software Packages Overview Our Image Editing Software Suite contains all you will need for editign or creating images on your PC, Mac or Linux based computer. It comes with 5 industry leading packages so you will never be short on tools to edit […]

  • Pro DVD Authoring & Movie Making Software Pack – Create Photo & Music Slideshow

      Overview Our Professional DVD Authoring & Editing Suite holds a fantastic collection of DVD movie making software. This kit has a wide range of new customizable features enabling you to create professional looking DVDs On your PC. You are provided with a smart rendering feature that eliminates low output video quality making your DVDs […]

  • Project Planning Mind Map Software CD – Task Organiser On Your Computer

    Overview Our Pro Mind Mapping Planning Kit contains a great package of mind map software. The software in our pack allows the user to edit a hierarchical set of ideas around a central concept. With a great approach to project planning you are able to brainstorm new outlines and projects as ideas which are added […]