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Advanced Computer Repair

Advanced Computer Repair KitThis Opensourceshop Advanced Computer Repair Kit contains everything you’ll ever need for your PC problems.

It has it’s own interface, when running as a boot (start-up)USB flash drive.



This can help with…

  • Starting (Booting) ANY computer, even without floppy drives
  • Setting up a new computer
  • Resolving startup problems after a crash or virus
  • Resetting a password in windows 2000/XP
  • Diagnose a hard disk to test if it’s still good
  • Copying a partition to a new partition on a new hard drive
  • Completely wiping a hard disk (by zero’ing out all data)
  • Running a plethora of memory testing utilities
  • Running a few Linux rescue disks
  • Getting detailed hardware report of computer system
  • Running a virus scanner on an infected system.

How is The Opensourceshop Advanced Computer Repair Kit started?

Simply insert the Opensourceshop Advanced Computer Repair Kit USB flash drive in your USB port and reboot your machine – it’s that simple!

Because the USB flash drive uses it’s own operating system, it won’t affect your PC unless you make permanent changes

When you shut the PC down & remove the USB flash drive, your PC then reverts to its previous state, whether that’s a working Windows environment or not.

You can even run this on a PC with no hard drive!!!


Advanced Computer Repair Kit

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Our Opensourceshop Advanced Computer Repair Kit contains a MASSIVE 210+ programs and keeps growing…. AND MUCH MUCH MORE! So Buy now!


Order Advance Computer Repair Kit on CD, DVD, or USB Flash Drive