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Anonymous Browsing

Anonymous Browsing USB FlashWhen you send an email or visit a website, your computer talks to the internet. If you don’t have our Anonymiser, this conversation can be overheard by other computers.

With our Anonymiser, your computer talks directly to an anonymous network in an unbreakable secret code. It then speaks to the internet on your behalf, so nobody knows your identity. This leaves snoops unable to watch you and hackers unable to determine who you are.

How is The Opensourceshop Anonymous Browsing Pack started?

Simply insert the Opensourceshop Anonymous Browsing Pack USB USB Flash Driveflash drive into the USB port of your machine, while your PC is running and follow the instructions – it’s that simple!

If you want to install any of the massive list of programs that we include with the Opensourceshop Anonymous Browsing Pack, simply insert the USB flash drive into your machine when Windows is running and our automated installation menu will pop up.


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