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Office Deluxe Software Suite

Office Deluxe Software SuiteThis Opensourceshop Office Deluxe Software Suite contains everything you’ll ever need for document creation.

It has it’s own interface, when you insert the CD, so that installation is a breeze.





You can create and open the following…

  • Word Processed documents
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Access databases
  • Presentation files
  • PDFs – high quality professional documents
  • Visio files
  • Flow diagrams
  • Many image types, including jpeg, GIF, Bitmap, etc

The suite comes complete with word-processor, spreadsheet, presentation and various other components and provides a revolutionary and future-proof format. The latest version includes many enhancements and features including:

  • create PDFs with 1 click [PDF (Adobe Acrobat) export]
  • native one-click
  • Macromedia Flash export for presentations and drawings
  • faster load-time
  • GREAT MS Office file compatibility
  • accessibility support and a smoother look and feel

The Opensourceshop Office Deluxe Software Suite has a superb Graphical Interface that makes it really easy to navigate and use

Installing the programs for Windows is a breeze as we have created an Auto Run Installer, which guides you through installing the applications

The Suite is supplied using the best possible method, so it reaches you in pristine condition and stays that way too!

Order Office Deluxe Software Suite CD @ £2.49