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Secure Encrypted USB

Secure Encrypted USB Flash DriveThe Opensourceshop’s Secure Encrypted USB Flash Drive is a must for all USB users.

Thousands of USB Flash Drives are lost every day and with the modern crime of Identity Theft and fraud on the rise, this Kit will ensure you are safe, no matter who obtains your drive




As with most USB Drives, you can do the following, from the outset…

  • Save your documents, spreadsheets, etc
  • Store image files
  • Store Video files
  • Store MP3 files

But with the added feature of having a secure, encrypted, password protected area on the drive that only you will be able to access



Our Opinion

This is essential for anyone who uses a USB drive!

At some point, everyone will misplace or lose their USB drive and with this, there are no worries about any of your information being accessed, without your knowledge, for any illicit purposes.

This is great for the average user who wants to feel safe about putting their data on their USB drive, with minimal techie know how.

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