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Ultimate Windows CD

Ultimate Windows Compatible Boot & SetupThis Opensourceshop Ultimate Windows Compatible Boot & Setup Pack can help you to set your computer up, so you can then install Windows or any other operating system.

It is complete with full instructions included within the CD – it makes it so easy to run!


What are the minimum System Requirements?

  • Intel-compatible CPU (i386 or later)
  • 4MB or more RAM
  • CD ROM Drive
  • This will work on even the oldest PCs.

The Boot CD software has a superb Graphical Interface that makes it really easy to navigate and use

Installing the Windows programs is a breeze as we have created an Auto Run Installer, that guides you through installing the applications

The Kit is supplied using the best possible method, so it reaches you in pristine condition and stays that way too!

Order Ultimate Windows Boot & Setup CD CD @ £2.49