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Antivirus Kit Cd

This pack will includes 3 of the best Security & Antiviral discs in the world!

For this low price, you get the following:

Advanced PC Repair Kit Our Best-selling Repair Kit, suitable for all ComputersCan be used to resolve start up isses and contains a massive live of installable Windows applications too!
F-Secure Rescue CD Will fix a computer that no longer starts because the operating system has been corrupted by malware. For more advanced users, Rescue CD enables other kinds of repair and data recovery operations as well.Rescue CD contains an operating system which allows using your Windows PC and getting access to the hard disks. It scans the computer and renames all files containing malware to .virus file extension. Virus definition databases are updated automatically if the computer has an Internet connection.
Backtrack DVD A Computer Security and Forensic detection Live Linux version.This contains every tool for network investigation, security testing and all round computer detection software.You can use this as a quick solution to get back on the net as it has be ability to allow you to use your faulty machine until you fix the underlying issues whilst using the features of Backtrack.
Order Advance Security & Anti-Virus Kit Advance Security & Anti-Virus Kit @ £9.99