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What is Linux?

Linux Information

What is Linux & what are it’s major features?
Linux is a computer operating system, just as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X are computer operating systems.Linux is built upon the foundations of the UNIX operating system and as a result, it is very stable and reliable, unlike other systems.It is highly secure and is not prone to the many thousands of viruses that Windows is.As Linux is community produced, there are no further subscription fees to pay for its use or the software used on the systems… e.g. there is a version of office software built-in and ready to use, as well as many other useful applications.Some of the other distributions of Linux are (in no particular order):

Ubuntu Linux
Fedora Linux
openSuSE Linux
Debian Linux
Slackware Linux
Damn Small Linux
PCLinuxos Linux
Knoppix Linux
Mepis Linux
Gentoo Linux
Puppy Linux